In this dazzling thriller, New York Times bestselling author Joseph Kanon gives us his richest setting yet: pre-World War II Shanghai, where glamour and squalor exist side by side and murder is just a cost of doing business. A love affair against all odds, a city dancing on the rim of a volcano—Shanghai is the story of a political haven that becomes a minefield of conflicting loyalties.

Out June 25, 2024!
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“Riveting…genuine suspense, including an exciting variation on the border-crossing theme, combine beautifully with moving psychological drama.”

—Publishers WeeklyThe Berlin Exchange

“A master stylist of concise yet eloquent writing, Kanon recreates the corrupt atmosphere of East Berlin in 1963, to riveting effect…Kanon’s books are a gold mine for lovers of espionage…Fans of Alan Furst and John le Carré will include Kanon as the third member of a Cold War troika.”

—Library Journal

Joseph Kanon is, for my money, the best spy writer working today, an author of rare gifts as a stylist, plotter and creator of characters. He is also the greatest writer ever of historical espionage fiction, having chosen to set every one of his books in the past. It is a testament to his writing that the sense of time and place which permeates his writing means it is as if Kanon had personal experience of every locale.

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