Kanon writes with a master’s touch, flexing his gift for atmosphere and crafting characters who seem capable of walking off the page...With pulse-pounding suspense, top-shelf dialogue, and a palpable evocation of its period setting, this is as good as crime fiction gets.

- Publishers Weekly, Starred Review
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“Kanon demonstrates a mastery of closed-in drama. The contrast between his impeccable control and the nightmarish chaos of this time and place gives things a powerful edge. Kanon goes to China with stirring results.”

—Kirkus ReviewsShanghai

“Edgar–winning Kanon plays global and personal intrigues to perfection here. Fans of historical thrillers will appreciate Kanon’s ability to cloak betrayals with the period’s looming uncertainty and evoke Shanghai’s particular vitality.”


Joseph Kanon is, for my money, the best spy writer working today, an author of rare gifts as a stylist, plotter and creator of characters. He is also the greatest writer ever of historical espionage fiction, having chosen to set every one of his books in the past. It is a testament to his writing that the sense of time and place which permeates his writing means it is as if Kanon had personal experience of every locale.

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