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The bestselling author creates great thrillers by mining history. Now he has his sights set on China with a tale of sex and spies in wartime Shanghai.

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Also striking has been the growing number of American writers who are choosing serious spy writing over the shoot-em-up exploits of special forces operatives that dominate US bestseller lists, dismissed by aficionados as “theKalashnikov Kids.”

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Publishers Weekly, March 23, 2024, Starred Review:  Shanghai – “In this superbly written WWII espionage thriller…it’s clear readers are in expert hands: Kanon writes with a master’s touch, flexing his gift for atmosphere and crafting characters who seem capable of walking off the page…this is as good as crime fiction gets.”

The Daily Express UK, June 25, 2017, Review:  Defectors – “If you think you’ve read enough books about this era, give this brilliant American novelist a try. He makes an old conflict feel as fresh as today’s headlines….[Kanon is] a writer at the top of his game.”

The Washington Post, June 6, 2017, Review: Defectors – “Kanon is a master of the genre … Defectors is as readable and suspenseful as the fine espionage novels of Eric Ambler, Graham Greene, Charles McCarry, Robert Littell, Alan Furst and John Le Carré — and its roller-coaster plot will keep you guessing until the final page.”

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