“Spectacular in every way…wonderfully imagined, wonderfully written, an urgent personal mystery set against the sweep of glamorous and sinister history. Joseph Kanon owns this corner of the literary landscape and it’s a joy to see him reassert his title with such emphatic authority.”

Lee Child

Istanbul Passage bristles with authenticity. Joseph Kanon has a unique and admirable talent: he brilliantly marries suspense and historical fact, wrapping them around a core of pure human drama, while making it seem effortless. This isn’t just talent; it’s magic.”

Olen SteinhauerNew York Times bestselling author of The Tourist

“A profoundly serious (as well as grippingly entertaining) novel which poses and investigates serious moral questions.”

—Allan Massie on Los Alamos

“The perfect combination of intrigue and accurate history brought to life.”

—Alan Furst

“Sensational! No one writes period fiction with the same style and suspense – not to mention substance – as Joseph Kanon. A terrific read.”

—Scott Turow

“There really were heroes, spies, and lovers at Los Alamos in the days when they built the first atomic bombs, and in this compelling novel Joe Kanon has imagined those soaring, harrowing days back to life. It’s written with verve and intelligence, it’s authentic from beginning to end, and I couldn’t put it down.

Richard Rhodes, author of The Making of the Atomic Bomb

 “I think [Joseph Kanon] is a veteran of the 1945 atom bomb program. No one could write a first novel so convincing as Los Alamos without having been there. No one could conjure the wartime background with such subtle restraint. If I’m wrong, Joseph Kanon is an outstanding new writer, and Los Alamos is a triumph of historical recreation and my sort of story-telling.”

Len Deighton