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Everybody wants to be in pictures.  While we were shooting the author video for Istanbul Passage, we found just a camera tripod was a magnet for people.  You can see a few of them in the photos I’ve posted.  At first, I thought a matter of curiosity, but it turned out all of them wanted Their pictures taken.

    The fisherman at Rumeli Hisari, for instance, kept walking back and forth into the video shot until we asked him if we could take his picture.  Broad smile.  Fishing pole posed.  The group of schoolgirls were less cagey—they just asked us outright, then wanted to see the pics.

    The spice seller in the spice market in Eminonu was more worldly—he’d lived in Brooklyn.  The boy on Galata Bridge was just keeping warm over the fire.  Finally, the two beauties on the ferry are from Kazkhstan.  They asked us (in Russian) whether the ferry was going to Uskudar.  Turns out the video director had majored in Russian studies (what were the chances?) and could answer them, so they stuck close.  Both dressed to the nines, with enough perfume to clog even the stuff breeze blowing down the Bosphorus.  They hadn’t yet seen Topkapi or the Blue Mosque or much of anything really except the high end shops in Nisantasi.  Were there any good stores in Uskudar?  And I thought isn’t this what people were doing hundreds of years ago—coming to Istanbul to shop?  The timeless city.  Hope you enjoy the pics.